Friday, 19 April 2013

Using a Mortgage Expert

Using a Mortgage Expert has never been more important....

With the recent changes to the Mortgage Industry that have been implemented by the Canadian government over the last several months, the need to work with an Certified Mortgage Expert has never been more important. The changes have impacted who can qualify to get a mortgage, the amount of down payment required for certain mortgage products and how much a qualified borrower can qualify for. Other factors such as types of credit you have, and a borrowers credit score can affect the qualifying process as well!
A Certified Professional Mortgage Broker, uses his experience and knowledge of a constantly changing mortgage industry,to show the market to the benefit his customers.  Another benefit of using the services of a Certified Professional Mortgage Broker Expert, is that he has access to a variety institutional lenders as well as private lenders, and is able to provide unbiased advise, unlike Bank Mortgage Specialists who are employed by there institution and can only offer there products.
In this new lending environment it only makes sense to work with a Mortgage Professional to provide you the most complete advise available to make a truly educated borrowing decision.

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